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Bronze Bar Stock

Our specialty is bronze and we operate a full-service machine shop and distribute bronze, brass, and copper alloys. We precision cast high quality bars, tubes and solid shapes – both vertically and horizontally. We stock all available mill sizes, as well as a large variety of non-standard sizes. Our machine shop creates an array of finished and semi-finished products to your custom specifications -- everything from bushings to wear plates to graphite-impregnated offerings to oil-impregnated parts.

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Casting Methods


Continuous Cast Bronze

Highly sophisticated production technique that creates superior performance bronze bars of the highest quality.


Centrifugal Cast Bronze

Provides superior, largely defect-free properties and a higher production rate than sand castings.


Sand Cast Bronze

Traditional casting method that is versatile and cost-effective.


Extruded Metals

Process by which metal is forced through a shape-forming die to take on the shape of the die with higher physical properties.

Machined Products



Spectrum Machines short order and CNC departments can make bronze or brass bushings to your specifications.


Wear Plates & Liners

Keep your machines running and your product moving with custom-produced products of any size.


Graphite Products

Precision-Machined graphite grooving or plugging provides increased lubrication to extend the life of finished bronze machined products.


Short & Long Run

Precision machined products are made to specification for both short and long runs to meet your needs.


500 Terry Francois Street, San Francisco, CA 94158

Machining Facility

1668 Frost Road

Streetsboro, Ohio 44241

P: (330) 626.3666

F: (330) 626.3313

Casting Facility

7071 Peck Road

Ravenna, Ohio 44266

P: (330) 839.7046

F: (330) 626.6753

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