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Spectrum Machine’s bronze casting facility, built in 2011, is a 30,000 square-foot complex on a 5-acre site in Ravenna, Ohio.


We refer to the bronze casting facility as Plant 2, our foundry. And it’s here that we began operation of our state-of-the-art continuous cast machines. We can produce lengths on our horizontal caster in excess of 24’ long.

Inside Plant 2, our skilled staff of experts creates all of our superior quality alloy bars and castings. It’s the foundation of Spectrum Machine’s multi-pronged operation that includes a stocking distribution center and machine shop on a separate original site, located in nearby Streetsboro, Ohio.

All of our alloy rounds, tubes and flats, as well as thousands of machined parts, such as bearings, wear plates and gear blanks began their journey as molten metals in the foundry.

Our four methods of casting – continuous, centrifugal, sand, and extrusion – provide us the tools needed to deliver every shape, size and quantity to fit any application that calls for bronze alloys.

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