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The machining operations of SMI at Plant 1 is your destination for an assortment of parts to help your business run smoothly.


Our skilled expert machinists are outfitted with the finest equipment to fill your orders, large and small. The shop, inside our Streetsboro location, was recently upgraded with an additional two new Computer Numerical Control (CNC) mills and a four-axis CNC lathe, to ensure you receive the highest quality parts on the market.

We specialize in creating finished or semi-finished bronze products, made to your specifications. And we pride ourselves on filling orders so small that they can be delivered in a single envelope, or so large, that we ship them by the shipping container.

Our staff is ready to produce all shapes and sizes of thrust washers, bearings, bushings (including sleeve and split-perfect), wear plates, pump plates and gear blanks. We can cut an array of groove patterns, such as loops, double-loops and figure-8’s, and insert graphite plugs in bearings and wear plates that require extra self-lubrication.

Our short-order and CNC departments can provide you products such as threaded parts, washers, spacers, rings, oil groove bushings and bearings, flange and double-flange bushings.

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