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  • Do you provide rush deliveries and emergency service?
    Yes. We can handle orders for immediate delivery, as well as emergency repairs. Contact us right away for availability.
  • Can you provide material certification?
    Yes. Upon request at the time you request a quote, we will gladly supply material traceability, chemical, mechanical, or country of origin certification for raw material or finished machined parts. If you have questions about material certification, don’t hesitate to contact us.
  • What is the largest size bar or tube you can make?
    Our state-of-the-art mill enables us to produce lengths in excess of 12 feet in length, with diameters of 16+" O.D. and rectangles to 4’ X 15" O.D. and squares to 12’ X 12"O.D. Learn more about our continuous casting capabilities or let us know what you are looking for in your project.
  • What if I cant find the alloy, shape, or piece I'm looking for on your website?"
    We have many sizes of bar stock available, including non-standard sizes, large diameters and custom-shapes available for our customers, including those looking for gear blanks. Our experts are always available to answer questions or help guide you through your order. Contact us at 1-888-BRONZES (1-888-276-6937) or email Tim Lamb at for bar and material requests; Todd Lamb at for machined parts; or Larry Foster at for mill run and specialty bar.
  • How soon will my order ship?
    That depends on the product, as well as quantity. Spectrum Machine’s computer order tracking system enables us to provide updated shipping information to our customers. Three decades of superior quality and efficient delivery has positioned us well as an industry leader. If you have specific shipping questions, contact us today.
  • I know what I need and just want to request a quote. Can I do that?
    Yes. click on the request a quote link on the top menu to tell us what you need and we’ll get the info to you ASAP.
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