About Us

Founded on old-fashioned sweat and work ethic, grown through a shared vision, and fueled by world-class aspirations, Spectrum Machine is the gold medal champion when it comes to bronze.

Our family-owned business was born from the humblest of beginnings. We didn’t read the book, we wrote it and lived it. The Lamb family developed this business from the ground up, learning how to machine in our father’s garage shop. We’ve established a strong foundation that has catapulted us into our position as an industry leader.

As a custom machine shop, stocking distributor of bronze alloy parts, and producer of premium bar stock, we remain family-run. We have grown considerably since those early days, but we will never lose sight of those small business roots. That’s why you can trust us for all your needs, large and small – we understand every customer is unique.

Our continuous cast foundry, built in 2011 in Ravenna, Ohio, provides you with unmatched and unparalleled bar stock choices. It’s here that you’ll find the most state-of-the art equipment and technology for vertical and horizontal casting. Capable of producing lengths in excess of 144 inches, our bronze bar stock is the strongest, most durable and superior quality alloy produced in the world today.
Tim Lamb, Kevin Lamb and Todd Lamb of Spectrum Machine, Inc.

Tim Lamb, Kevin Lamb, and Todd Lamb of Spectrum Machine, Inc.

Our Services

Spectrum Machine’s state-of-the-art equipment, inventory and expert staff make us the preferred destination for all of your Continuous Cast, Machining and Bronze Bar Stock needs.

Continuous Cast

Since its inception, Continuous Cast has been the gold standard method when it comes to producing the highest quality bronze bar. Spectrum Machine’s continuous casting delivers bronze bar that’s more uniform, machinable and wear-resistant than bar made by more traditional casting methods up to 16” O.D. in C903, C905, C907, C954, C955, C863 and up to 20” O.D. in C932.


Our shop staff specializes in Machining superior quality finished or semi-finished products for all of your applications. Spectrum Machine’s experts have the skill and ability to create thrust washers, an assortment of bushings, wear plates and gear blanks – all shaped and sized to your precise specifications. We can also provide everything from drill and plugged graphite to double figure-8s and multiple loop grooving.

Bar Stock

Spectrum Machine’s rounds, tube and flat Bronze Bar Stock is on hand in all available mill sizes and alloys. We also carry a huge assortment of non-stock and large diameter sizes, and can cast custom-shaped bar stock for the gear blank industry and others.

Our original building on Frost Road in Streetsboro, Ohio, is built. We’ve added several additions through the years, but this location remains home base. Spectrum Machine is incorporated and we opened for business in September.


We purchased our first new lathe (yeah, we know, but it seemed like a really big deal at the time!).


Our first addition at the Streetsboro site provides us with a dedicated warehouse for more efficient storage and delivery of orders.


The first Computer Numerical Control (CNC) lathe in our shop arrives and becomes operational. Our skilled machinists use this computer technology to produce exacting and pristine parts. CNC lathes are so precise that they can turn a piece to specifications or blueprints to within microns of accuracy – far thinner than a human hair.


We added a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) mill to further improve our ability to deliver high quality short-order customer needs.


Another addition at our Streetsboro location provides an even larger warehouse. It also enables us to move our Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Department into dedicated space in the original warehouse.


A third addition – this one is 16,000 square-feet – doubles the size of our warehouse.


We break ground on Plant 2 on Peck Road in Ravenna, Ohio. This is home to our foundry and casting facility. The next year, we cast our first vertical bar. In 2013, we cast our first horizontal bar, and by the end of the year it already became necessary to build an addition to the facility.


The final addition is made to our warehouse facility in Streetsboro.