Sintered Bronze Bar Stock

SAE 841

This sintered bronze is also known as oil-impregnated bronze, or self-lubricating. Manufactured through powder metallurgy, it is seen as one of the finest powder metal bearings on the market. Interconnected pores created on the bushings serve as a reservoir for lubricant, providing a passage for flow to the bushing surface. SAE 841 has excellent resistance to wear and a long lifespan. The alloy is maintenance free and ideal for applications where conventional lubrication is difficult or impossible.

Typical Uses

Industrial - Turbine blades, machinery components, medical equipment, self-lubricating pump parts, office machines, home appliances, conveyors, cranes, generators, appliances, hydraulics, machine tools, packaging materials

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Alloy Cross Reference
Family CDA ASTM SAE AMS Ingot Federal Military Other
Sintered Bronze - B438 Gr1, Type2 841 - - - - - B-5687D Type 1, Gr1 -   Oil-Impregnated, Self-Lubricating


SAE 841 Technical Data Sheet