Nickel Aluminum Bronze Bar Stock


A wrought alloy of copper, aluminum, nickel and iron, the extreme strength makes this alloy is ideal for heavy loads, corrosion or abrasive uses. It is popular in marine products because of its corrosion resistance. The addition of nickel to this aluminum bronze increases the strength and doesn’t take away from the corrosion resistance, toughness or ductility. 

Typical Uses

Industrial - Bushings, bearings, heat exchanger flanges and headings, valve seats, valve balls, valve guides, hydraulic bushings for earth moving equipment, tanks, structural members, pump shafts, plunger tips, welded piping systems, balls, gears, cams, pump parts shafting, condenser tube for power stations and desalting units

Marine- Propellers, ship propellers, bolts, nuts, pump parts, corrosion resistant articles

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