Manganese Bronze Bar Stock


A cast alloy of copper, manganese, aluminum and iron, manganese bronze boasts high bearing strength and wear-resistance. It functions well under both high loads and speeds. It is not heat-treatable and requires lubrication, so it should be used with hardened shafts. Most common use is seen in gears and hydraulic parts.

Typical Uses

  • Industrial: Bushings (wear plates and liners on most), gears, struts, hooks, frames, high strength machine parts, bridge pins, propellers, large valve stems, hydraulic cylinder parts, heavy load bearings, hydraulic cylinder parts, gib, cams, forming dies for wood pulp industry

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Alloy Cross Reference
Family CDA ASTM SAE AMS Ingot Federal Military Other
 Manganese Bronze C86300 B505 8C 430B J461, J462 - 424  QQ-C-390 (C7) - - C-2229 Gr8   High Strength Yellow Brass 110,000
C-863 Technical Data Sheet