Leaded Tin Bronze Bar Stock

C-932 Bronze, SAE 660, Bearing Bronze

This cast leaded tin alloy is known as “Bearing Bronze,” as it sets the standard for bearing material. It is strong and hard but also can be easily machined. This high-leaded tin content material is often used for bushings, bearings, washers and wear plates.

Typical Uses

Industrial - General purpose bushings, bearings, insert bearings, trunion bearings, pump fixtures, fittings, hydraulic press main lining, thrust washers, pumps, bushings, wear plates and liners, machine parts, main spindle bearings, fuel pump bushings, water pump bushings, fuel pump bearings, roll neck bearings, rolling mill bearings, linkage bushings for presses, hydraulic press stuffing box, forging press toggle lever bearings, bearings for cranes, machine tool bearings, diesel engine wrist pin bushings, pump impellers.

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Alloy Cross Reference
Family CDA ASTM SAE AMS Ingot Federal Military Other
High Leaded Tin Bronze C93200 B505 3B 660 J461, J462 - 315   QQ-C-390 (E7)  QQ-B-1005 Comp.12   - C-15345 Gr12    Bearing Bronze


C-932 Technical Data Sheet