Spectrum Machine products help keep American and global companies on the move, at work and in production around the clock. Our mill and machine shop produces materials, parts and pieces for an array of businesses, including the hydraulics, industrial machinery, manufacturing, service center, steel and transportation industries.

Hydraulics Industry


Our alloys are the ideal material for such uses as gears and gear pump bushings; bushings for cylinder rods; valve bodies; for press bushings; and for seal, split wear and seat rings.

Industrial Machinery

Industrial Machinery

Our alloys can be used for everything from crane wear plates to turbine seals. Some common applications include valve bodies, worm wheels, bearings, bushings, gears and wear plates.

Manufacturing Industry


Our bearings are hard at work in an array of machinery that keeps companies working. Our parts can also be found in a host of heavy load equipment, such as guides, wear plates and bushings.

Service Center Industry

Service Centers

As a stocking distributor, our alloys can be used by a variety of metals service centers.

Steel Industry

Steel Industry

Our alloys can be found in machines and equipment, such as casters, ladles and hot and cold finish mills. Bronze bearings, bushings and wear plates are key components in many steel-making pieces of equipment, from presses to tube straighteners.

Transportation Industry


Our alloys are a popular choice for an assortment of applications, including gears, seals and bearings.