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Leaded Tin Bronze

C-932: A cast leaded tin alloy, known as “Bearing Bronze.” Strong and hard but also can be easily machined. This high-leaded tin content material is often used as bushings and wear plates.

Tin Bronze

C-903: Often referred to as “Navy Bronze.” Known for resistance to corrosion, this alloy is stronger than red brasses. Material of choice for many bearings, fittings, valves and gears for all Naval vessels.

C-905: Tin bronze alloy popularly called “gun metal.” High wear resistance and limited friction against steel. Commonly used in fasteners, nuts, valves and bushings.

Gear Bronze

C-907: A high tin content alloy that performs well in soldering. High tensile and compressive strength, with exceptional resistance to wear. Popular applications include bearings, gears and worm wheels.

Aluminum Bronze (9-C)

C-954: Our most popular aluminum bronze alloy due to its versatility and all-purpose uses, this cast alloy includes copper, aluminum, nickel and iron. Typical applications include everything from industrial gears and bushings to ship-building.

Nickel Aluminum Bronze (9-D)

C-955: Known as Nickel Aluminum Bronze. This cast alloy stands up to extreme conditions. A non-leaded “green” alloy. Excellent compressive strength and hardness. Exceptional heat and corrosion resistance with good machinability and weldability. Ideal for high strength bearings, this material is commonly used in everything from piano keys to aircraft landing gear.

C-959: Offers superior strength and corrosion resistance. All-purpose aluminum bronze. This cast alloy is ideal for heavy-duty load and abrasive conditions. Should be used against steel shafts, though, as it does not tolerate misalignment. Commonly used in gears, seats and worm drives.

Manganese Bronze (430-B)

C-863: A cast alloy of copper, manganese, aluminum and iron. High bearing strength and wear-resistance. Functions well under both high loads and speeds. Typical uses include gears and hydraulic parts.

Sintered Bronze

SAE 841: Also known as oil-impregnated bronze, or self-lubricating. Excellent resistance to wear and a long lifespan. Alloy is ideal for applications where conventional lubrication is difficult or impossible. Material of choice in many office machines, appliances and lawn and garden equipment.

Nickel Aluminum Bronze

C-630: A wrought alloy of copper, aluminum, nickel and iron. Extremely high strength makes it ideal for heavy loads or abrasive uses. Popular in marine products because of its corrosion resistance. Common choice for marine applications, bushings, seats, nuts and shafts.

Free-cutting Yellow Brass

C-360:  A wrought free and/or cast machining brass. A zinc and copper alloy with high machinability, good strength and corrosion resistance. Copper content makes the material germicidal, killing microorganisms. Commonly used in fittings, connectors, valves and screw machine products.

Naval Bronze

C-464: Often referred to as Naval Brass, because of its resistance to corrosion, even in saltwater. Zinc and copper alloy, with good strength and rigidity. Popular choice for use in tubing for instruments and machines, liners, bushings and cylinders.

Other Alloys

Spectrum Machine can also supply you with a wide array of other alloys. Some are listed here:

  • Manganese Bronzes: C-862, C-865
  • Aluminum Bronzes: C-952, C-953
  • Tin Bronzes: C-922, C-923, C-925, C-927
  • Leaded Tin Bronzes: C-836, C-844, C-934, C-935, C-937
  • High Leaded Tin Bronzes: C-938, C-941, C-943
  • Ground Plate: C-932, C-954, C-863 (+/- .002) tolerance