Aluminum Bronze (9-C) Bar Stock


A cast alloy of copper, aluminum, nickel and iron, this is the most popular aluminum bronze due to its versatility and all-purpose uses. It has exceptional wear-resistance, tensile strength and weldability. It is the material of choice in everything from industrial gears and bushings to ship-building.

Typical Uses

Industrial - Wear plates, worm gears, bearings, bushings, wear plates and liners, tube bending equipment, forming rolls, valve guides, slides, hydraulic cylinders, fasteners, pump seals, press brakes, plungers, gibs, slides, valve seats and bodies and machine parts

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Alloy Cross Reference
Family CDA ASTM SAE AMS Ingot Federal Military Other
Aluminum Bronze C95400 B505 9C - J461, J462 - 415C QQ-C-390 (G5) QQ-B-671 Class 3 B-16033 Class 3 C-15345 Gr13   Aluminum Bronze "9C"
C-954 Technical Data Sheet